UPDATE: 3 students on suicide watch in Blount

UPDATE: 3 students on suicide watch in Blount

The Blount County School System discusses what it is doing with the influx of mental health issues in its students.

Winds pulled off roof of Maryville fire station

Strong winds ripped off the roof of a Maryville fire station.

Roof ripped from apartment by wind

Tenants were displaced at a Knoxville apartment complex after storms blew the roof off the building.

Loudon County residents looking for answers on disaster aid

A home was nearly submerged in water, cars were floating in a repair shop parking lot, water was taking over basements and still there's no funding for Loudon County residents.

Children add their perspective to traditional stations of the cross

Entire families come as a tradition to witness stations of the cross on Friday at an East Tennessee church.

Chef Walter's Back in studio

Coconut Easter Cake Recipe


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