CW: Spring clean your wardrobe

It's a new year and many of you may have clothes and shoes just hanging around in your closet that you probably haven't worn in a while. Personal stylist, wardrobe consultant and most of all closet organizer, Brianna Lamberson, has a few suggestions to help spring clean your wardrobe while working with what you've got. To learn more about Brianna's free 15 minute consultation head over to

WVLT Weather: Pockets of heavy rain, storms Friday

While there are lulls at times in the rainfall, we've started a wet stretch of days that extend into next week. With some downpours and stronger storms, isolated flash flooding and damage is a concern.

Picky Chick Consignment Sale Open

Picky Chick Fall Sale Open

'Focus on tradition': Rural fairs look to the past to revive future

'Focus on tradition': Rural fairs look to the past to revive future. In Scott County, organizers celebrate 93 years and look ahead to 100.

WVLT Weather: Stormy Thursday Evening, Friday

Heavier rain rolls in at the KY/TN line tonight. Showers will be off and on all day on a cooler Frdiay.


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