WVLT Live: Tracking severe weather in Knoxville

Thu Jun 20 16:51:52 PDT 2019

WVLT Live: Tracking severe weather in Knoxville

WVLT is tracking severe weather in Knoxville.

Wallet Wednesday: What to buy and what not to buy in February

Casey Wheeless talks to the experts about the best deals for February shoppers

WVLT Weather: Frosty cold to seasonable Wednesday

A small warm-up starts today, despite a very cold morning. Clouds are also increasing, then rain, with a change to some wintry weather by the weekend.

What is impeachment? Local organization breaks it down

What is impeachment? A local organization with constitutional ties breaks it down.

Woman confesses to stealing from assisted living facility

A woman has confessed to stealing from a Sweetwater assisted living facility.


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