WVLT Weather: Strong to severe storms Monday afternoon

Mon Jun 24 10:26:33 PDT 2019

WVLT Weather: Strong to severe storms Monday afternoon

Weve had widespread stormy weather for each of the past seven days. Today makes eight in a row. A WVLT WEATHER ALERT is back this afternoon.

What's headed to East Tenn. in WVLT's Winter Weather Outlook

It's time to look ahead to Winter in our area beautiful area.

Winter along the Tennessee, Kentucky line

As drivers make the slow climb out of the Tennessee Valley and up into northeast Tennessee, they're met with the challenging roads of I-75, all the way up through Campbell County into parts of southeastern Kentucky.

WVLT builds new weather center in Sevier County

Get ready, Sevier County! The WVLT News team just built a state-of-the-art weather center right in Pigeon Forge.

Winter on the Plateau: Inside a Christmas tree farm

The Sycamore Spring Christmas Tree Farm can typically count on more than twice the amount of snow that Knoxville receives. That's 13.6 inches versus 6 and a half inches.

Man's 13th DUI conviction earns sentence

A Knox County man's thirteenth DUI conviction earned him 12 years in prison.


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