WVLT Weather: All Vol Forecast

Thu Oct 10 10:19:26 PDT 2019

WVLT Weather: All Vol Forecast

Saturday is the day of change. We'll have some scattered light, to moderate showers. While not everyone will get the lighter to moderate rain, we will all have a cooler day! The official high for the day will likely be around midnight, at 70 degrees, but that does you no good. We'll start the day in the low 60s, have some cooling with showers and then can warm back up a few degrees in the afternoon.

Comments draw criticism, support in Sevier County

A Sevier Co. commissioner's comments have drawn support and criticism.

Sheriff's office responds after cartoon

The Knox County Sheriff responded to an editorial cartoon published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on Sunday.

Locals, visitors comment on commissioner's statements

Residents and locals are commenting on derogatory statements a county commissioner made at a meeting.

Dennis Quaid in town

Dennis Quaid in town for a new movie premier.

"I was incensed:" Woman speaks out after walking out of meeting

The woman who walked out of a Sevier County meeting after a commissioner's comments speaks out.


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