Lane Kiffin returns to SEC

Mon Dec 09 20:48:31 PST 2019

Lane Kiffin returns to SEC

Named head coach at Ole Miss

Wartburg looks to win HGTV contest

Wartburg is looking for a makeover, courtesy of HGTV.

Bill to pay tipped employees more in Tenn.

A new bill was introduced in the Tennessee legislature seeks to pay tipped employees $7.25 more.

Man lights up joint in Tennessee courtroom

A man lit a joint in a Tennessee courtroom.

Man arrested for murder in Knoxville

A man was arrested in the murder of a 31-year-old on Friday night in Knoxville.

Smoke bomb causes evacuation at Yassin's

A smoke bomb caused an evacuation at Yassin's on Monday.

Pothole problems in Knoxville could linger

Potholes could continue to bother travelers on I-640 for some time to come.


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