Ashley Oaks still flooded, new concerns of snakes

Ashley Oaks still flooded, new concerns of snakes

Neighbors in the Ashley Oaks subdivision said their backyards are still underwater. Now they're concerned about snakes and rodents coming through the front door. The problem could come to your neighborhood as more rain is on the way.

WVLT Weather: More batches of rain at times Thursday

We have more scattered rain and some storms moving through our area again for Thursday.

Warning for worshippers: watch for thieves

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office posted a warning for worshippers to watch for thieves in the parking lot.

"Night of Champions" blends football & faith

Over 700 football players met up in Clinton on Wednesday

Law enforcement supporting injured deputy

Local law enforcement agencies are coming together to support an injured Ky deputy.

Saban confused when asked about SEC slogan

Nick Saban was confused when a reporter asked him about the "It just means more" slogan.


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