Coach Kellie Harper honored at Vols game

Sat Dec 14 12:55:38 PST 2019

Coach Kellie Harper honored at Vols game

Lady Vols coach Kellie Harper was honored during the Vols game on Saturday.

WVLT Weather: Spotty rain today, more on the way

Rain is on the way, and has actually picked up the pace, so an earlier arrival directly impacts Friday morning commuters. That's why we have a WVLT Weather Alert for a rainy start to Friday.

Mark Griffin

VFL was guest speaker at Big Orange Tip-Off Club luncheon

Flu hitting East Tennessee hard

The flu is giving East Tennesseans a rough time this season, and the virus has already claimed at least four lives.

Electric company asked to help employees of Big South Fork Medical Center

Two employees at the Big South Fork Medical Center said they were not paid on time and it wasn't the first time.

Fulkerson says this breakfast cereal is upping his game

What's the major breakfast routine helping John Fulkerson up his game?


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