WVLT Weather: Spotty rain today, more on the way

Thu Jan 23 03:45:33 PST 2020

WVLT Weather: Spotty rain today, more on the way

Rain is on the way, and has actually picked up the pace, so an earlier arrival directly impacts Friday morning commuters. That's why we have a WVLT Weather Alert for a rainy start to Friday.

WVLT Weather: Enjoy Monday ahead of rain and colder air

Enjoy a mild Monday. Rain will be back Tuesday, and colder slowly moves in the rest of the week.

Rooted Ministries collecting donations for March event

Rooted Ministries collected clothing donations on Saturday morning to distribute to people in need.

Jellico hospital employees report two missed paychecks

Jellico hospital employees reported two missed paychecks.

Why does a Tenn. lawmaker want to remove need for some business licenses?

Tennessee lawmakers introduced two bills that would allow certain services to be practiced in the state without a license as long as customers are aware.


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