Alabama physician invents hand sanitizing dispenser wristband

Source: (WSFA)
Source: (WSFA)(WVLT)
Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 3:44 PM EDT
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A Montgomery Alabama doctor invented a hand sanitizing device to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Stephen Chandler, an Otolaryngologist, created the "SaniStrap." A wristband hand sanitizing dispenser that he hopes will help decrease the spread of COVID-19.

"I'm just hoping to get this to as many people as we can to help provide them the hope and confidence to get out and get back to work," said Chandler.

Chandler has not been able to perform operations during the pandemic and has redefined his role as a physician while still trying to "maintain the wellness of the community."

The portable and refillable device is meant to be an easy and efficient way for people to sanitize their hands multiple times throughout the day.

"I think that people find value in this because not every hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall is filled," said Chandler. "Having something available immediately for your own personal use provides a tremendous sense of confidence."

Chandler says his goal in creating SaniStrap was to help frontline workers and other essential personnel during the pandemic and has had a positive response.

"When you're walking out of the room when you're dealing with patients, you don't have time, and this is already strapped on," said Tammy Vickers, Chandler's assistant of 19 years.

"I get to sanitize my hands before I touch the grocery chart and also when you're picking up the fruit you don't know whose hands been on there," said Vickers. "Once you pick up the fruit, you can sanitize and keep moving."

"I work upfront checking in patients," said healthcare worker Yolanda Ousley. "We have to take their temperatures. They can come in five or however many at a time and it's easy to just do this, put our gloves on and go on to the next patient."

Chandler said the device can be used to mitigate the spread of other illnesses too.

"Any hand transmitted disease, influenza, the common cold, and food poisoning. Things of that nature that are transmitted from hand to mouth or nose, this is ideal," said Chandler.

More than 150 SaniStrap wrist bands have been distributed to essential frontline personnel in the community.

Chandler said the device has been so well received that he is having several thousand manufactured for the immediate needs of those at the highest risk of exposure and will have more for the general public.

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