Bear plays Peek-A-Boo with deputy

Published: May. 28, 2019 at 3:40 PM EDT
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A California Sheriff's Office tweeted a video of a bear playing Peek-A-Boo at a gas station in Tahoe City.

"This cute bear was playing hide-and-seek with Deputy Staley, who caught him on video at the Tahoe City Shell Station," said the Sheriff's Office.

Officials also sent out a warning to remind people that despite their cuddly appearance, bears are wild animals that should not be approached.

"Friendly tip: please don’t engage the bears," they said on Twitter. "They may look cute and fluffy, but they have real instincts!"

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said it's important to remember these tips if you encounter a bear in town:

- Bears will almost always find an escape route if they are left alone.

- Shout and throw sticks or rocks in the vicinity of bear to encourage flight once an escape route has been established.

- Females with cubs will often climb a tree to for escape cover; never surround a tree holding any bear, especially a female with cubs!

- Locate and remove the lure that caused the bear to come into your area. There is almost always a safe escape route when bears enter towns. Crowd control is the initial concern as the behavior of a cornered bear can be unpredictable.

- Immediately report to the TWRA or local police any sightings of bears within areas of human population centers.

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