"It's against federal law" Tennessee's speaker clarifies stance on medical marijuana

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 8:35 PM EST
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Tennessee's State House officially goes into session next week, and House Speaker Cameron Sexton discussed his agenda for the year.

Sexton told media that education is a top priority.

"The top priority for me is making sure every student in Tennessee has the same opportunity for success in education," Sexton said. "That starts with public schools and that's what we're going to try to focus on."

Sexton also took questions on medical marijuana, an issue that has made political waves in Tennessee in the past. It has been proposed multiple times, but has yet to go to a full vote.

Tennessee's speaker said he is against medical marijuana because it violates federal law.

"If you're going to be consistent, and I'm against sanctuary cities because it's against federal law. As long as it's a schedule one," Sexton said, "it's against federal law. And so, until that changes it's hard to have a discussion."

Some of his colleagues, such as Janice Bowling (R-TN Tullahoma), disagree.

"Thirty-five states are already doing this. It's totally bogus to say that this is somehow something where we are opposing federal law," Bowling said.

She added that medical marijuana was a state's rights issue.

"We have states rights, the 10th amendment is part of it. This is a state's rights issue."

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