Should lawmakers remove 'God' from oath of office?

Massachusetts lawmakers consider removing "God" from the official oath of office. /(MGN)

BOSTON, Mass. (WVLT) -- According to a report from Boston news outlet, New Castle News, lawmakers there are considering removing "God" from the oath of office.

The report says a joint legislative committee approved a bill that calls for a secular version of the oath that says "This I do under the pains and penalties of perjury" instead of "so help me God."

The measure was filed by a group of Democrats who also suggested changing the pronoun in the oath from "he" to "they."

"The history of the United States is about pluralism and an insistence that all of the country's legal structures and forms of authority are representative of persons of every belief or a lack of belief," Zachary Bos, Massachusetts state director for American Atheists told New Castle News. "We support any move that helps to increase the government's commitment to secularism."

Do you agree with this idea?