State to help pave Stinking Creek Road in Campbell County

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LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A county road that's seen a lot of detour traffic when there are problems on Interstate 75 is finally getting help from the state of Tennessee. The IMPROVE Act that relies on gax taxes is making possible the repaving of the 17-mile-long Stinking Creek Road in Campbell County. The estimated cost is $1.3 million.

Residents and small business owners have long been concerned that Stinking Creek Road was wearing out, with large stretches of potholes, a lack of original driving surface and some tile issues under the road. Local residents feel the road can be dangerous and puts lots of wear and tear on their cars. County leaders felt they did not have local funds to cover more than temporary patches along the road from time to time.

On Tuesday morning, Deputy Governor Jim Henry and Deputy TDOT Commissioner Paul Degges met at a church along the road to announce a partnership with Campbell County. TDOT is taking bids on the project to begin paving in spring 2019.

Stinking Creek Road stretches between Interstate 75 and Highway 25W. The Stinking Creek community is nestled in the Cumberland Mountains. Whenever the interstate has a rockslide, traffic tends to detour along this county road. In addition to being a road for homes and churches, it's the address for more and more campgrounds, ATV courses and restaurants.